Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. It’s been hard to escape the all the hype surrounding the Mayan prediction for the end of the world on the 21st of December 2012. 
  2. Now, there is a lot of debate and speculation around the validity of this prophecy but the truth is no one can really know for certain when the end will be.
  3. There is one thing however that we do know for certain…
  5. and it’s all going down at The Nelson Creek Wine Estate.
  6. (55 km outside of Cape Town, see the facebook events page for directions)
  7. There will be 3 ARENAS just jam packed with face melting TRACE, EDM,  and HARDSTYLE VS HALO.
  8.  Any ENTIRE WEEKEND of top international and local DJs!
  9. Some highlights include:
  10. ARTIX from Israel
  11. and SHEHOOR from France
  12. For more details check out the event on facebook
  13. Be there and let’s make it CATACLYSMIC!
  14. For more of the hottest girls and gigs around South Africa check out
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